Thursday, June 26, 2008

Russian Adoption Families and their blogs

Write your blog name into the comment area, and we'll add yours too. 
Must be a public blog for us to review. Thanks!


Canadian journey as we Internationally Adopt from Russia
Elder Family - Volgograd Region
A Tiny Tot's Tale
Beautifully uncommon
We Go to Russia
My inconceivable family
Adventure to Anna (Krasnoyarsk)
Finally a family

A couple on purpose
Having a blast being a mom
....It was then that I carried you.
Stewart's Adoption Blog
Steffen Adventures in Russia
Two Texans & A Little Russky
Boundless Joy Arising
Weaving through life together
The best is yet to come
Adoption in Real Life
Our Marine Corps Family
Bowen's Russian adoption
Two from Russia
Porter Family Journey to our Daughter
The Scott Family Journey to Russia
Journey to our Russian Blessing
When Rain Hurts
Russian Orphan Lighthouse Project
Cupcake and the Caseys
Dreams do come true!
Expanding our family through Russian adoption
A Sobel Life - Vladivostok
From Texas to Russia with Love
From Russia For Love
Jolynn and Rich's Russian Adoption Story
"Family life after adopting 2 Russian Children"
Our big adoption story - Vlad
Children of my heart - Volgograd
Journey of my heart
The Pitman's Journey To Russia
Stacy and Pat
Pete and Maryellen
Triple Play
Journey To Yellow Brick Road
Our Russian Adoption
Nancy and Nicholas
The Frederick's
The Horback's
The Israel's
Joy and Gerard
The Nodine's
The Smith's
The Wolf's
The Gebhardt's
The William's
The Bridges'
The Martin's
The Oneal's
The Vaughn's
The Wilson's
Cravens Adoption Story
Kris and Joe's adoption from Krasnoyarsk
Little llama
Little Russian Peanut
Making our House a Home
One Particular Harbor
Our Little Russian Girl
Path to Parenthood
Russia 2008
Russian Blessings
Small World
Coby & Brandy
Eric, Michelle & Caden
Gerard & Joy
Keith & Becky
Mark & Sinziana
Martin Family
Michael & Carrie
Nick, Beth & Luca
Norman & Carey
Project Happy Meal
Randy & Susan
Rob & Dede
Russ & Ana
Ryan & Amy
Troy & Rachel
Chris & Danica - Justice Family (Perm)
Dan & Alicia - Marlowe Family Blessings (Vlad)
Debbie's Jounrey to Adopt (Domestic)
Gary & Rosalie - Welcome Victor (Vlad)
Janine - Finding Emily (St.Pete)
Jim & Adrienne - Journey of Love (Vlad)
Matt & Patti - Adoption Journey (Astrakhan)
Michael & Carrie - It's a Small World After All (Tver)
Mike & Denise - Almost There (Moscow)
Nathan & Melissa - The Road Home (Vlad)
Norman & Carey - Russian Fairy Tale (Vlad)
Randy & Susan - Journey to Adopt (Moscow)
Rob & Dede's Russian Adoption Journel (Moscow)
Russ & Ana - Russian Adoption (Moscow)
Ryan & Amy Riley Adoption (Petro)
Sira's Journey to Max (Vlad)
Slade & Wendy - Wilson World (Kras)
Tami - Finding Maddie (Ukraine)
Tiger & Kar are Adopting (Moscow)
Tony & Dawn - God's Plan for Us (Vlad)
Allison - In a Land Far, Far Away
Coby & Brandy - Ginsberg Adoption
Jenn - When You Wish Upon a Star
Joel & Clarion - Adoption from Vlad
John & Christine - The Ukraine Train
Keith & Becky - Our Little Russian Peanut (Moscow)
Mike & Heidi - One Particular Harbor (Vlad)
Amanda's Russian Adoption Blog
Brandie & Steve Go To Russia
Bryan & Leslie - From Russia with Love
Chris & Jackie - Step by Step to Russia
Gerard & Joy - Making a House a Home
Jim & Jane - Our Path to Parenthood
Joe & Renae - Our Little Russian Girl (Kras)
John & Kristine - Journey to our Princess Frog (Izhevsk**)
Kevin & Amy - 3 From Russia
Kim - The Littlest Tsarina
Michael & Mary - Russia 2008
Shannon - Journey to My Little Russian Princess
Steve & Carolynn - Finding Malibu (Izhevsk**)
A Forever Family
Adrienne and Jim's Journey of Love
American Girls in Moscow
April and Brandon's Baby Girl Smith
Becky and Keith's Russian Peanut
Bill and Myra's Second Adoption
Brouillette Adoption
Carrie and Michael's Small World After All
Dede's Russian Journal
Gary and Rosalie's Welcome Victor
Ginsbergs Russian Adoption
Holly Crump's All About Alex
In A Land Far, Far Away
Jackie and Chris's Step by Step 2 Russia
Janine's Tale of Two Boys
Jill's Ethiopian Adoption
Joel and Clarion's Russian Adoption Blog
Joy's Becoming a Mommy
Kathryn and Kevin's Vietnamese Adoption
Kouri Family Blog
Ledbetter Adoption
Leslie and Bryan From Russia with Love
Mandy Jo's Adoption
Marlowe Family Blessings
Martin's Adoption of Sugar and Spice
Melissa and Nathan's Adoption Journey
One Particular Harbor
Patti and Matt's Russian Adoption Blog
Randy and Susan's Journey to Adopt
Rita's Room to Grow Adoption Story
Ryan and Amy's Riley Adoption
Sira and Cliff's Journey to Max
The Gebhardt Family
The Jerger Journey
The Justice Family Blog
Tiger and Kar are Adopting
Tony and Dawn's Russian Adoption
Troy and Rachel's Journey with the Williams Family
Voice of the Voiceless
Wilson World
Coby & Brandy
Eric, Michelle & Caden
Gerard & Joy
Keith & Becky
Mark & Sinziana
Martin Family
Nick, Beth & Luca
Norman & Carey
Project Happy Meal
Randy & Susan
Rob & Dede
Russ & Ana
Ryan & Amy
Troy & Rachel
Scott & Carrie
Carey & Norman
Tiger & Kar
Our Little Superhero (Andrei)
Russian Adoption Chronicles
Journey to Parenthood
Waiting to Adopt 2 from Russia
The Goeppners
The Abrahams
Chris and Danica
The Ginsbergs
Russian Brown
Marlowe Adoption
Park Place
The Lehman's
The Caruso's
Myatt Family Blog
6 Blessings (Mom of 6)
Alicia and Dan's Russian Adoption (home)
Allison's 3rd Adoption--2 from Russia, 1 from Kyrgystan
Ana and Russ's Russian Adoption
Ann Marie's Russian Adoption (home)
Anne and Grant's U.S. Adoption
April and Brandon's Vietnamese Adoption
Becky and Keith's Russian Adoption
Bring the Rain--The Story of Audrey Caroline
Carey and Norman's Russian Adoption
Carrie and Michael's Russian Adoption
Cathy's Russian Adoption (home)
Chelsea's Life with Maddie
Chris and Danica's Russian Adoption
Coby and Brandy's Russian Adoption
Courtney's Adoption(s)
Dana and Scott's Russian Adoption (home)
Debbie's U.S. Adoption
Denise and Don's Adoption from China (home)
Gary and Rosalie's Russian Adoption (home)
Gaye and Andrew's Russian Adoption (home)
Gretchen and Chris's Khazakhstan and U.S. Adoptions
Jane and Jim's Russian Adoption
Janine's Russian Adoption
Jeff and Jenny's Russian Adoption
Jennefer's Russian Adoption (home)
Jodean's Vietnam Adoption
Joel and Clarion's Russian Adoption
Joy and Gerard's Russian Adoption
Kathy and Shane's Russian Adoption
Kay's Russian Adoption (home)
Laura and Andres' Columbian Adoption
Laura and Zack's Russian Adoption (home)
Laura's Russian Adoptions (home)
Lauren and Marco's Russian Adoption (home)
Mandy Jo's Russian Adoption
Marie and Shane's Russian Adoption
Melissa and Nathan's Russian Adoption (home)
Melissa's Russian Adoption (home)
Mike and Heidi's Russian Adoption
Mommy of 5 *GREAT attachment info
Momto2Angels from Russia and Kyrgystan (home)
Nancy and Brian's Russian Adoption (home)
Rob and Dede's Russian Adoption
Ryan and Amy's Russian Adoption (home)
Sira's Russian Adoption (home)
Smiles and Trials as a Mother of 10
Stephanie and Pedro's 2nd Haitian Adoption
Stephanie's Life with Asher
Susan and Randy's Russian Adoption
Suz's Second Russian Adoption
The Horners' Russian Adoption
Troy and Rachel's Russian Adoption
Wolf Family's Russian Adoption
Worth the Wait: The Adoption of Bonnie and Clyde
Lindsay's Adoption and Life with Hannah


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Four or five of the latest additions have incorrect urls.

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"The Journey for Mama's Babies" is the journey of a Long Island couple that adopted four biological siblings from Russia:)

Oksana Kaleeva said...

Oksana Kaleeva adopted from Samara, Russia.

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